Core FTP LE 2.2

Upload or download files to/from remote servers via FTP and other protocols
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Core FTP LE is a free but complete FTP client which allows you to connect to remote servers and upload/download files in an easy and automated way. You can use this tool to connect to secure servers and/or using secure protocols such as SSH, FTPS and TLS. The program supports scheduling multiple FTP transfers from/to the same or different remote servers, and also is capable of resuming transfers.

One of the program's main features is the so-called Site Manager, which you can use to register the remote sites you wish to connect to, identified by names and categories. To do so, you provide information such as the target address and port, the username and password if required, and the protocol you need to use among FTP, SSH, TLS, SSL, FTPS, HTTP and HTTPS. Besides, for all the secure protocols you can configure the SSL options which include SSL Listings, OpenSSL and SSL Transfer. You can also configure the timeout and the number of automatic retries for a failed connection. All of these make Core FTP LE a perfect tool to, for example, remotely update your websites with minimum effort and time.

The program's user interface is quite simple and intuitive, though not particularly attractive. It includes a local filesystem navigator you can use to transfer you files by simply dragging them to/from the remote panel. Or you can alternatively browse the contents of two remote locations to perform direct transfers between sites, in the same easy way. You also have a toolbar that allows you to launch the Site Manager, connect or disconnect to/from the remote server, open the settings window, manage your sessions or change the main window's layout, any of those options with just a single click. Finally, there are also additional panels that show you the program's activity (like the connections or re-connections to remote servers), and the active transfers with detailed information such as their status, transfer rate and sent/received bytes.

All in all, Core FTP LE is surely one of the most complete FTP clients available for free, as it includes a very rich features set. However, there are some very interesting features you are offered in the program's website -like file encryption and compression during transfers or multi-threaded connections-, that are actually available only if you buy a license and upgrade to the Pro version of the program. Apart from that, I would highly encourage any user to try this tool as a free FTP client.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Upload/download files to/from remote servers in a highly automated way
  • Uses both simple and secure protocols for file transfers
  • Configure multiple SSL options for the secure protocols
  • Transfers files very easily through the drag-and-drop method
  • Supports direct transfers between two remote sites


  • Offers features on its website that may be available only in the Pro version
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